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My name is Charles, I brought a 2010 Subaru Legacy from Prime Auto Imports, I took it to my machanic and he found some things wrong with it. So I took it back to Prime Auto and they said we will fix it and you can take it back to your machanic to make sure we fixed it, so that's exactly what they did. So I brought it, then a few days after I had it, it started overheating on me so they told me to bring it back, they even took it to the Subaru dealership for me and they found out it was the heads, so they went ahead and fixed it for me and I didn't have to pay anything. I appreciate all that they did for me, which they didn't have to do, so I recommend them highly. Thank you, Prime Auto Imports.


Best experience ever..very helpful, friendly and most of all very respectful. I would recommend them to everyone. Thank you all for an awesome experience.


Prime Auto Imports has a variety of vehicles they were happy to show me on their lot. Not only did they help me find the exact car that fit my parameters, they made sure I was making the right choice out of all my options. They were always professional, very friendly, and extremely knowledgeable regarding price and the car’s value. The on site mechanic makes sure every car on the lot is working properly without a hitch. Would definitely recommend to family and friends who live in the area.


Prime Auto returned our call promptly when we called about a Mini Cooper. We drove over, Amir was great and helpful in showing us the vehicle (they have a huge inventory). He was no BS which was nice :) The guys in the office were helpful, they gave us a good price and were quick with the paperwork which was good cause... who likes paperwork?


Thanks for today! I'll enjoy rest of American life with this G35!



Offered a deal that I could not refuse. The deal was so good I drove all the way from MD to NJ to pickup the car. Work with them, they are very negotiation able


My first financing experience with prime auto imports was so simple and straight forward, Gabriel worked with me from beginning to end, and even helped me get insurance ! Good, honest and friendly !! Definitely recommend them !


Amazing customer service, super friendly and not to mention the best variety of vehicles. Already made recommendations to friends and co workers, and I look forward to getting my next car here.



They’re the best everyone should go get a car from them once my two years are up im going back to them again my car is perfectly fine nothing wrong in my eyes


I was in the market for a used Audi.
I usually try to avoid dealers because of the price mark-up and ridiculous fees.
Still, since I was in the area, I went ahead and test drove the vehicle.

The car was a 1 owner, all 3 keys, all manuals, low miles, all OEM, etc.. Save some dings on the body, and a previous hack-job cooling flange replacement, this car was extremely mint. (Car was a 2008, but with only 40000 miles)

After inquiring, the salesperson was not pushy at all, polite, honest, he answered all my questions, provided a car-fax and was able to quickly, painless negotiate a price and get a deal going.
Even their $300 flat fee is really reasonable compared with what other dealers are charging out there.
Also, the guys were kind enough to put the car on the lift for me so I can see the under-body for leaks, damage, etc.. Bad was that they broke a plastic cover by doing so.

Let's just put it this way; I had a more pleasant experience buying a $10K used Audi, than I did when bought my brand new $40K EvoX 2 years ago.
I'd definitely buy again from these guys.


For anyone who is considering purchasing a pre-owned vehicle and needs a referral for a quality dealership I would highly recommend Prime Auto Imports.
All the staff were professional and address all our concerns and fears one might have purchasing a pre-owned vehicle.
I have attached a picture of our new car a Toyota Corolla. One happy customer. 😊


It's rare to see any car dealership actually care about what they sell and these guys do. My sister bought three cars from Prime Import auto and they were awesome with her. I thank you guys so much for what you have done. God bless you guys


Gabe,ron and ameer were super awesome honest on the expedition i bought will buy from them again

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